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Re: CF: the begining of crossfire

On Thu, 9 Sep 1999, Kjetil Torgrim Homme wrote:

> []
> >   <pounce> While we're on the subject of increasing the number of
> >   tiles visible, how about increasing the size and color depth of
> >   the tiles as well?  What we have now is still intensely affected
> >   by the font scheme that used to exist to display graphics.  That
> >   worked well 8 years ago, but isn't it time to update?
> Redoing the graphics is a lot of work.  We need to decide upon a size
> before anyone starts on this project.
> First: What screen resolution should we target?  1280x1024?  Let's say
> half of it is used for the viewport, that is 800x800 pixels.  Next,
> how many tiles should the viewport consist of?  With 24x24 pixel
> tiles, there is room for 33x33 tiles.  The 32x32 pixels => 25x25
> tiles.

Objection... ;-) I am running at 1024x768 and I'm probably going to let it
stay that way, because my monitor is a 14" and 1280x1024 would blind me.
My point is, we shouldn't assume too high a requirement especially for
resolution, because not everyone has (or wants to use) 1280x1024. For example,
when I first started playing CF, I was actually at 800x600 (although of
course, that *is* a little low, and I put up with badly shrunk display


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