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CF: Magic-proof secret rooms and hidden contraptions (was Re: Object decay, wear, and repair)

Hwei Sheng TEOH wrote:
> This would be bad... at least in the current maps. A lot of maps (and I do
> the same in my own maps) use inaccessible areas to place things like
> gate-boulder mechanisms and so forth. A lot is also used to simulate NPCs
> giving you an item (by have a magic ear activate a pit with the item on it,
> that transfers the item to the floors around the NPC). It would be
> disastrous to have immune:physical players able to reach these areas, which
> may not be logically "part of the map" -- since they are more like
> auxilliary mechanisms to make the map behave a certain way.

    I strongly dislike that method of creating special effects, but it's
what we have at the moment.  LOGIC objects that could replace those tricks
might be one of my next experiments.  Most maps will need a good overhaul as
a result of the new 0.96 objects anyway, so that would be a perfect time to
go in and streamline the special effects.

> We could, of course, restrict such areas by putting antimagic fields around
> it... but then it does make people suspicious for no reason (why is that
> circular area in the corner of the map protected by a magical field?) since
> the stuff in that area doesn't really belong to the world, it's an auxilliary
> mechanism.

    Ah, but you need those anti-magic fields anyway, to keep players from
getting there with a Dimension Door.  And players won't be told that it's a
no-magic field that's keeping them out.  They'll just know they can't go any
further that way.  They're used to it.  They get the same message at the
edge of the map.  And most walls in most dungeons are impenetrable anyway.  

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