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Re: CF: Obsolete options

David Andrew Michael Noelle wrote:
> >  this could be done in part by always being able to buy an amulet of
> > lifesaving.  Now it could be debated whether there should perhaps be
> > something like that, but instead return the player to town, since if
> > you are really hosed (say get trapped in a dungeon), that lifesaving
> > amulet doesn't do you any good.
> Amulet of Recall?  Senses that you're about to die and yanks you back
> to the Scorn town square?  (Or wherever your Recall point is set.)  As
> opposed to the rarer and more expensive Amulet of Lifesaving that
> basically casts Restoration, allowing you to keep fighting and
> hopefully complete your quest instead of aborting it.

 The definition of 'about to die' is a bit vague.  It would probably be a hit
point ratio, which is certainly not perfect (tougher monsters do some pretty big

 I don't remember the start of this thread now, but if the problem is for
trapped players to get to town, you could make a special potion which when
gulfed, causes the player to transfer back (potion is better since you don't
have to worry about inability to read it or fumble it or whatever).  The potion
should probably ignore no_magic areas, but otherwise act like death to remove
unpaid objects and the like.

 Price for this should probably be somewhere between word of recall scrolls and
amulets of lifesaving (which is a very big range)
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