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CF: potions and components

>From: Kjetil Torgrim Homme <>
>Subject: Re: CF: Object decay, wear, and repair (Was Re: World Map)
>Date: 14 Sep 1999 21:18:50 +0200
>[Mark Wedel]
> >    For example, if you use stat_loss_on_death, then at least a
> >   reasonable supply of stat potions is needed.  But this could by
> >   contrary to other options where you really don't want a ready
> >   supply of those potions.)
>Not the best of examples, I think, just add a cheaper potion to
>restore stats towards their previous maximum, and only make it
>available when stat_loss_on_death is turned on.  Actually, I thought
>there was such potions in the game?

I have a question here. when you lose a stat point from death there are only 
2 ways of getting it back as i see it.

1 is to buy a stat potion and drink it

2 is to buy a restoration potion and have the possibilty that it works to 
bring back your stat.

I looked through the list of potions using the -m9 command recommended
but no where was listed a way for making a stat potion. I'm not saying it 
should be easy but it should be possible. Can this be put in the game?

Also the list even states that some of the components are in need a rewrite. 
some of the components and the prices are way out of line. I don't even 
think ive seen some of them. can someone go through them and correct this 

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