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Re: CF: need help with Animate Dead spell...

> > I'm still experimenting with the Animate Dead spell I mentioned some 
> > ago... I need some help in actually coding it, though.
> >
> > 1) I still can't decide whether to make the resultant monster (usually a
> >    zombie) a pet or a golem. Any suggestions?
>     If you make it a pet, like Command Undead does, it will basically 
>you around, but you won't have direct control.  Golems must be precisely
>controlled, but you can only have one, and only as long as you concentrate
>on it.  I'd go with a pet in this case.

how about making it like summon elemental. I recent used a scroll of this 
and i could actually control where it went. i could send it into a room and 
have it kill what ever it ran into. I could change its direction and move my 
self too.

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