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Re: Role playing or HacknSlash, was Re: CF: Long term experimental ideas

[Mark Wedel]

>    One of the bigger problem with these ideas is what happens if
>   that player does not log in regularly or at all. For example,
>   having a player being the high priest in the local temple is
>   certainly an interesting idea.  However, if that player only logs
>   in for a couple hours each night, that idea may not work very
>   well.

One tack is to create two modes: One adventurer mode, and one
"monster" mode.  In the monster mode, you can choose to possess any
random monster, and if it dies, you just choose another.

In this simple mode, it is easy to cheat.  You just possess the Great
Wizard and make him suicidal, and let your adventurerer friend go and
collect the loot.  So a certain level of experience should be required
to possess the larger monsters.  Experience could be gained by killing
adventurers, but I don't think experience should be lost by dying.
The adventurer would never know when the monster is controlled by AI
or by a human.  Well, he _will_ notice eventually :-)

Kjetil T.

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