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Re: CF: Object decay, wear, and repair (Was Re: World Map)

Kjetil Torgrim Homme wrote:
> [Mark Wedel]
> I agree with all of your comments.  So IMO this condenses down to:
>     * CASTING_TIME - makes spells take time to cast
>     * NO_CONE_PROPOGATE - makes cone spells stop at the first monster
>     * NOT_PERMADEATH - should death be the final end or not?
>     * STAT_LOSS_ON_DEATH - toggle between stat loss or stat depletion
>     * SPELL_ENCUMBRANCE -- weapons or wearing heavy armour may cause
>       you to fumble spells.
>     * SPELL_FAILURE_EFFECTS - fumbling spells has nasty effects.
> It's interesting to note that most of these make life harder for magic
> users.

 I have at least a few notes -

 CASTING_TIME probably makes sense - the casting times may be a bit long for
many spells, but that is more a tuning issue - using those times probably makes

 One of my more long term goals is to have many actions take variable time. 
Taking off and putting on a set of armor is going to take more than one tick. 
When these variable action times are added, the casting time may not be as
unbalancing for mages as it would seem right now.

 I would say no cone propogate should probably be disabled (ie, cones do
propogate through monsters).  After all, in most cases, the creature is not
taking up the entire space - only a fraction of the space, so they would not be
able to block the entire blast anyways.

 permadeath is a big decision, as that radically changes the way some people
might play.  However, games like nethack, rogue, and so on have permadeath.

 The others are harder to say.  probably spell failure effects could be balanced
by having the bad affect depend much more on the potency of the spell - a first
level spell is fairly likely to just fizzle out and do nothing, while that 15'th
level spell that takes a bunch of mana to cast should be more likely to have a
fairly intense affect.

> Some comments on the other options:
> >    * RANDOM_ENCOUNTERS - add in special encounter maps?
> >       Had a recent discussion on this.  Seems this is less likely to
> >   be needed in the future.  Having it on does allow for an unlimited
> >   oppurtunity to kill stuff.

 The big thing on this may depend on the future move of the game.  IF the game
moves at least a little away from hack and slash (not fighting 10 monsters at
the same time, but instead fighting a couple monsters appropriately more
powerful), the need for random encounters may get reduced some.

 Also, if the outdoor world map scale is increased, then the encounters can
happen on that map instead of special encounter maps (random encounters might
have a new meaning then).  But at this point, it is too early to say what
exactly will happen.

> >    * SEARCH_ITEMS - let players search for items on the ground
> >       Doesn't really affect gameplay.  Arguably, this should be a
> >       client issue.
> I think this was turned off since it was buggy.  I agree, it should be
> a client issue (in contrast with the pickup modes).

 I believe I fixed this at one time, so it does now work.  Having it on slows
player movement down.

 I don't know when people use this most.  In shops, I suppose it can be handy if
it is a big shop and you want to know where that object is.  I would be removing
it is likely to result in few complaints, especially if similar functionality is
added to the client.

> >    * SIMPLE_EXP - uses simpler experience system
> >       Simplifies the exp system, and as such, changes the amount of
> >   exp awarded for killing stuff and other tasks.
> So should this system or the default system be used as the basis for
> tuning?  I haven't looked at SIMPLE_EXP at all.

 I've been using the simple exp.

 The main difference in simple exp is that level difference does not adjust the
exp award.  So if that orc is listed as giving 15 exp, you get 15 exp no matter
what your level is.  Old system would do a level ratio - if you killed something
that was twice the level as you, you get twice the exp.  Likewise, you get less
for things of lower level.

 For while, that system was not a big problem.  But with the addition of more
objects that could kill creatures outright, some characters are able to get
massive bonus in exp by killing that higher level creature.
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