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Re: [CF:1371] Resurrection

On Mon, 26 Jun 2000, Peter Mardahl wrote:

> > So it seems. "raise dead" has a fair casting level, and can be made to
> > work. Resurrection clearly needs some modifications. Neither show up in
> > stores - is there some flag that needs to be set in order for it to do
> > so?
> Yes.  Probably someone set "bookchance=0" in include/spellist.h:
> set it to 1 for your server and recompile.  Next, change the level of
> resurrection and reincarnation to what seems good to you.

I'll try that, thanks. 

> I think someone at some point set the level for those spells so
> high so that players couldn't cast resurrection but could cast raise dead:
> I think the idea was that "resurrection" could be bought at a temple
> only.

Not really a bad idea. It shouldn't be too hard to make a rune of
resurrection or something inside a temple. Maybe an altar. I'll have a
look at that too.

I made a temporary fix for my own server, by hand-coding some scrolls of
resurrection into a map - it seems to work OK.

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