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CF: July 1st

On July 1st, 2000, we will be going live with the new mailing list software
and the new mailing list names.

- The old will not be used anymore. 

- The will be split into 3 lists:

	- crossfire-announce
	- crossfire-devel
	- crossfire-list

- The old address,, will continue to
  work, but the new addresses should be used. Please visit one of the below
  urls for how to subscribe to the lists.


** NOTE ** If you are using IE, you will need to upgrade to IE 5.01! There is
a bug in the 128-bit SSL stuff in IE 5.0. You can click over to to get IE 5.01

- I'll be cutting over the subscriber on July 1st, 2000. So, if you do not
  want to subscribe yourself to the new lists, I'll do it for you .

- Any questions, please drop me email.

Bob Tanner <>       | Phone : (612)943-8700                 | Fax   : (612)943-8500
Key fingerprint =  6C E9 51 4F D5 3E 4C 66 62 A9 10 E5 35 85 39 D9 

[you can put yourself on the announcement list only or unsubscribe altogether
by sending an email stating your wishes to]