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Re: CF:

On 12 Mar 1999, Kjetil Torgrim Homme wrote:

> I've noticed Raphael has got an address  Perhaps he could
> convince the powers that be to add a CNAME for
> We do have already, though.

Actually, it is
> Who's going to maintain the web page, btw? :-) My introductory message
> to new subscribers only lists Frank's rather outdated page.  Feel free
> to send suggestions on better maintained pages.

I have been working on a crossfire webpage.  I haven't been able to
keep up with the latest map changes, but the Handbook and other
documentation is very close to being finished.

You can see my progress so far at:

BTW, the URL will change to something a little shorter in the next month
or so.  I have a few layout problems to solve... ;)

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