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Re: CF: object flags

Preston F. Crow (Preston.F.Crow@Dartmouth.EDU) wrote:
> Am I correct in understanding that there is a flag in the object
> structure to indicate if an object has been applied?

Yes. The idea is that it indicates a "partial identification" --- you
will be told some properties when you apply something.

> Does this have any meaning if the object has been identified?

No. Unless there is some double-use.

> At least with weapons,
> two identical identified weapons will only merge if both or neither
> has been applied.

Be careful with weapon merging --- for some weird reason not all
properties of an object are compared. When I fixed the archetypes
and some special items to allow stuff to be merged I had to remove
it again since it suddenly started to merge weapons (and probably
other stuff) that were not completely identical (although it would
have been neat: it merged a plain dragonbane and my beefed-up
dragonbane into two beefed-up dragonbanes --- saves some work for
the players :-))

> Perhaps identifying an item should set the applied flag, as well?



Christian Stieber
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