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Re: CF: object flags

Preston F. Crow wrote:
> Am I correct in understanding that there is a flag in the object
> structure to indicate if an object has been applied?  Does this have
> any meaning if the object has been identified?  At least with weapons,
> two identical identified weapons will only merge if both or neither
> has been applied.

 There is a flag that tracks that the item has been applied.  As someone said,
this shows most all of the attributes of the items, but you don't get full

> Perhaps identifying an item should set the applied flag, as well?

 I thought it did, but perhaps not.  It might be equally easy to change the can
merge function such that if the item is identified, we don't care what the
contents of the been_applied flag contain.

 But this does bring up an idea - incremental identifications.  Instead of
containing flags containing what is known about the item (cursed, damned, been
applied, identified, etc), have a value that contains how much the player knows
about the item (ranging from perhaps 0 to 10 - 0 is nothing, where as 10 you
know everything.)

 level 1 and 2 might be very basic information (cursed, magical, damned).  As it
gets identified further, more is known, like basic bonus (sword +2),
protections, slaying, stat adjustments, special messages and the like.  A bunch
of extra coding for some of this..

 The identification spell might put items all the way up to level 10 (or maybe
vary this based on the level of the caster).  Things like skills that are used
for identification would be less likely to succeed depending on what level
identification is trying to be done.  For example, a first level person may have
a very good chance at getting up to level 2, but no chance of level 5.   a high
level person could use the skill to get up to level 7 with high certaintly, but
level 10 would still be highly difficult.

 The current tracking of whether a skill has been used to identify something
could be removed, and instead just rely on the fact it would be time consuming
for a player to use skills to identify all of his equipment he just found fully
(he may be able to by spending 5 minutes applying the skill over and over again
- if the player wants to spend the time doing that instead of spending the
money, so be it)

 Shops should probably also be changed to not pay for cursed items (whether
known cursed or not).  Might as well remove charisma from the game also, since
it is a stat that is never really needed (its useful, but so easy for people to
just make a character with high charisma and nothing else to sell items with).

-- Mark Wedel
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