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Re: [TCLUG:5054] Is an mp3 Player Really All That Practical?

I'd be really concerned about condensation... you'd almost have to have AC
on all the time, wouldn't you?

>I think a cooling system of some kind might not be a bad idea.  However I
>think that the cold is a major concern (however frost on the motherboard is
>potentially bad thing), I think that a way of solving this would be to have
>fan circulating air all the time, even when the car is not on.  Would a 6"
>really drain that much from the car battery?
>Allie Micka wrote:
>> Granted, having an mp3 player  in the car would really be handy and cut
>> down on scratched cd expenses, but is it safe?
>> I mean, that equipmert wasn't really intended to withstand the 170
>> of your portable greenhouse in the summer, and I can only imagine the
>> you would bring to a a hard drive that's cooled overnight to a nice -20
>> you turn the heat full on.
>> Has anyone been able to make this work?  Do you need to find and plunk
>> wads of cash for ruggetized components of some kind? or a portable
>> temperature control solution?  I dunno...
>> -Allie Micka
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