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Re: [TCLUG:5065] Computer turn on

I just tried testing my spare power supply which has nothing hooked up to it
and either it's gotta have devices plugged in or it's not working. Now I am
wondering about my power supply. Oh the irony!

ron parker

Ben Luey wrote:

> Not a linux question, but ...
> I have an atx motherboard and when I woke up this morning I noticed that
> my computer was off (I leave it on all the time). I thought there had a
> been a power surge or something (there wasn't) and that was why it was
> off. I pressed the power button and nothing happened. Absolutely nothing,
> no fan, no buzz. I opened up the case and see that the power button runs
> to the motherboard, so the problem could be:
> 1) Power supply died
> 2) Motherboard died
> 3) A Card on the motherboard died (or mis-seated) causing the motherboard
> to no startup for safety (?? would the motherboard do this -- ASUS P5A)
> 4) Something else??
> What should I do? How can I find out where the problem is. (The computer
> is under warrenty, but  I'd have to ship it .. so I'd rather just
> ship the bad part or replace it myself.)
> Also starting yesturday morning I noticed a wierd smell sorta like burning
> plastic. It didn't seem to be coming from the computer, but from a few
> feet out. When I opened up my computer today I noticed a milder version of
> this smell (but my computer had been off for maybe 10 hours) and the smell
> was gone from the room. I'm guessing that something was burning (what?)
> and was causing the smell and then caused my computer to turn off (I
> now know that there was no power surge or outage). Does this sound like my
> power supply since my computer turned off whereas if the motherboard died,
> the power supply's fan would keep going?? (I don't like this about ATX
> power supplies.)
> Thanks,
> Ben
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