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RE: [TCLUG:5252] Sybase ? Anyone tried this?


I am running it at work, it it the full version of Sybase 11.0.3-3 Adaptive
Server Enterprise.  Multiuser, logging,....blah blah blah.

There does not appear to be any ODBC or JDBC drivers that come with the
distribution.  However, there are drivers available from open link software.  They have free eval non-expiring drivers to

I have setup a web based application with Sybase using Java Servlets
(Apache/Apache-JServ/JSP/JDBC/Sybase)  It is not done yet, but it is coming
along nicely.

There is a pretty good installation doc that comes with it, look for it in
/usr/doc/  be sure to install the sybase-doc....rpm.  It will help a lot.


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> Subject:	[TCLUG:5252] Sybase ? Anyone tried this?
> I'm thinking of setting up the Sybase app .. has anyone experienced this?
> Is it a multiuser DB, or a standalone?  And too, will ODBC calls work with
> it?  I plan to work on this during the week.  
> Hoping it is not a 'demo' like so many Win things ... after all, who needs
> a dysfunctional relational demonstrational data base.  ;-)
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