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Re: [TCLUG:5285] NTS4 vs. Linux study from Mindcraft.

Actually, its been done.,4537,2196106,00.html

Smart Reseller has been running a ton of pro-linux benchmarks and such
too other than this one.  So existing evidence is there that linux does
beat nt.

On Wed, 14 Apr 1999 wrote:

> Scott Dier wrote:
> > 
> > Hello, If you havent seen on Slashdot allreaday --
> > 
> > Mindcraft has released a report saying that NT is faster for web and file
> > serving.  Go read it.  Check out some of the graphs.  Like the apache one,
> > where it just drops off in the middle of the graph.  Why?
> I guess all that we need to do is prove them wrong eh ?  Which
> would mean duplicate the tests and see how they measure up.
> But then it would take the fun out of all the "discussions" that
> this is going to spawn. :-).
> I hope somebody from the "linux" turf with the know-how carries
> out the same test in the immediate future and show us all "how 
> wrong" mindcraft is. 
> my 2c,
> sandipan
> > 
> > Because Mindcraft is a bunch of inept sysadmins.  So when your boss goes
> > NT is better than Linux, you can tell them about these facts.
> > 
> > Mindcraft turned off "widelinks" in samba.   From the original author of
> > Samba he said that with it turned off it takes 6 more function calls to
> > perform operations.  That sounds like it would probally run faster
> > (Someone should get around and prove this.)
> > 
> > Secondly, the apache stuff can be explained by one thing : File
> > Descriptors.  You can change them to higher numbers if you want, but
> > Mindcraft left them at the standard number.  So while the computer *was
> > not* hitting its max CPU, it was waiting for a file descriptor.  Mindcraft
> > could have reconfigured the kernel and had /much/ better performance and
> > see that Apache, while it might not be faster -- scales much better than
> > IIS does.  I saw an article from a /long/ time ago on a zdnet site that
> > showed apache scaling from 100 to a ton more (1000+ i think) as a flat
> > line for latency of getting pages.  Thats cool :)
> > 
> > Really, I'm throwing this forth as a discussion object and as something so
> > when the FUD hits the non-techies and they ask you about it you have
> > something concrete that you know is right.
> >
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