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Re: [TCLUG:5285] NTS4 vs. Linux study from Mindcraft.

If you guys haven't read the fine print yet, this survey was sponsored by
Microsoft. I have yet to see a survey which is sponsered by one of the
companies who's products are being tested be truely accurate. Oh well, we
all know the truth. 

Nate Carlson
the infinite loop

On Tue, 13 Apr 1999, Scott Dier wrote:

> Hello, If you havent seen on Slashdot allreaday -- 
> Mindcraft has released a report saying that NT is faster for web and file
> serving.  Go read it.  Check out some of the graphs.  Like the apache one,
> where it just drops off in the middle of the graph.  Why?
> Because Mindcraft is a bunch of inept sysadmins.  So when your boss goes
> NT is better than Linux, you can tell them about these facts.
> Mindcraft turned off "widelinks" in samba.   From the original author of
> Samba he said that with it turned off it takes 6 more function calls to
> perform operations.  That sounds like it would probally run faster
> (Someone should get around and prove this.)
> Secondly, the apache stuff can be explained by one thing : File
> Descriptors.  You can change them to higher numbers if you want, but
> Mindcraft left them at the standard number.  So while the computer *was
> not* hitting its max CPU, it was waiting for a file descriptor.  Mindcraft
> could have reconfigured the kernel and had /much/ better performance and
> see that Apache, while it might not be faster -- scales much better than
> IIS does.  I saw an article from a /long/ time ago on a zdnet site that
> showed apache scaling from 100 to a ton more (1000+ i think) as a flat
> line for latency of getting pages.  Thats cool :)  
> Really, I'm throwing this forth as a discussion object and as something so
> when the FUD hits the non-techies and they ask you about it you have
> something concrete that you know is right. 
> The mindcraft survey is at -
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