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Re[2]: What does this mean? [TCLUG:5355]

On Thu, 15 Apr 1999 19:20:11, wrote...
>Non-Maskable-Interrupt.  Not neccesarrily bad.  Some systems allow you
>to send an NMI via a reset button (some IRIX systems do).  I wasn't aware
>that the reset button on a standard PC would do this though.  Cool!

It's a old 486 Dell.  Yeah, it is cool to know, although I kind of wish I 
had found out on purpose.  Maybe I should move the box so I can't hit the 
button with my foot when I'm not paying attention to where I 'm going.  Or 
I could just pay attention to where I'm going.

Nuts!  There goes my 17 days of uptime!  I was hoping to go the rest of the 


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