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Red Hat 5.1 vs. 5.2

Question: What exactly is needed to upgrade a 5.1 system to version 
5.2 (besides a 5.2 CD wich I do not have!).

Is there a few rpm files I could download and install or is it more 
involved than that and not worth the hassle?

One thing I would like to try is GNOME but as I understand it, RedHat 
5.2 is needed for the GNOME rpms to work right.

Thanks to those of you who tried to help me with my first attempt at 
rebuilding a kernel. I never did get the 'make menuconfig' to work 
right. Before I tried that I had spent a few evenings trying to get 
and install all the packages that the kernel readme says should be 
upgraded before running the new kernel. In trying to do that I think 
I really fouled up some of the 'C' libraries. Then again maybe it was 
something else too. Anyhow, I reinstalled 5.1 from scratch and then 
went right to the 2.2.5 kernel. This time the 'make menuconfig' 
worked like a charm. In fact, everything went real well. It just took 
most of a night on a 486-50. Actually I finished up the next morning!

I was surprised, the 2.2.5 kernel seems to run/boot quite a bit 
faster than the v2.0.35 that came with the 5.1 disk I have.