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RE: [TCLUG:5685] TCP/IP or Socket

yes.. socket programing is used to create TCP/IP socket connections.  this is
the same across all platforms.. windows, or unix.  you are trying to do a
fairly complex operation, with very little knowlage of programing, from what I
can tell, you may want to look at talking to your database vendor on how the
best way to go about doing database proxies.  also read the net-howto on

On 27-Apr-99 Hairie wrote:
> Hi Everybody..............
> I'm really confused here...... Is it TCP/IP Programming is same with socket
> programming ?
> Actually I would like to send data to another server. This data I get from
> database let say Oracle, and I want my server to generate as a proxy server
> to send the data to another server.
> Can I used RH as operating system for my server ? How do I set up my RH
> server to become proxy ? How to use TCP/IP programming if I still want to
> use this method ?
> U got any ideas Pal ?
> TQ
> Hairie
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