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Re: [TCLUG:5689] GUI email apps

Nathan Ahlstrom wrote:
> > > Have you tried exmh2?
> >
> > I've heard of it, but haven't actually seen it.  It doesn't come
> > up in freshmeat.  Do you have a URL?
> It is a pain in the rear to setup, someone may have made a rpm or package
> for it, but I haven't looked.

Yep, looks like it comes with RH 5.2 (which I'm running at home),
based on the following page at

The exmh website shows a couple screenshots, but says they're
from version 1.6, from March 1995.  Has the interface changed
much over the years?  One particular feature I'd like to keep
from Communicator is the automatic linking of URL's embedded in
email messages.  Does exmh2 support this?

I guess I can try it out when I get home, though.