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Re: [TCLUG:3895] Mac IIcx & Ethernet

> Perhaps I already asked this a month ago, but does anyone know of (or have)
> a linux or other unix-ish port for the Mac 2cx's that will support
> ethernet? Between two of my friends and myself, we have about 10 of these
> things we'd like to make full use of... I'm looking to build a firewall
> machine, since the ADSL countdown is on at my apartment.... (19 days and
> counting, assuming USWest makes the date stick)

Well, just taking a quick look at, I came up with
these sites which you may or may have not visited..  They are for Linux,
NetBSD, and OpenBSD, respectively..

The Mac IIcx is listed as working, so your only trouble would be that
Ethernet card..  Linux is probably the most likely to support it..

The MacLinux webpage says that NS8390-based Ethernet cards should work
(but might not..)  Apparently, no work has been done on any others.
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