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Re: [TCLUG:3797] Kernel 2.2.0 - Good news!!! (and printer question)

> Ok... I finally had time to look at this, with no joy so far.  I did have
> to switch my /dev/lp link over to lp0, but this doesn't seem to be the
> problem.  Is there something specific in /etc/printcap I need to change
> manually, or is there a utility I need to use?  Also, I wouldn't mind just
> reading up on the problem, if I knew what would help.?

If you have a RedHat system, I'd recommend using the 'printtool' utility
to change this..  Unfortunately, it might be slightly hidden..

However, the really quick way of doing it is looking into /etc/printcap
and changing anything that looks like /dev/lp1 to /dev/lp0..  Here's a
chunk from my /etc/printcap.  Hopefully it will ease understanding..

##PRINTTOOL3## LOCAL stcolor 360x360 letter {} EpsonStylusColor Default

See the line that has ":lp=/dev/lp0:\" in it?  It's likely that you have
a 1 there instead of a 0..

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