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WindowMaker 0.51

I just updated to windowsmaker 0.51 and I have a few problems:

1) The maximize button maximizes a window into the wharf / docked
applications space (where wmclock, etc reside). Before it maximized uptop
these apps, not into them.

wmaker-1.1.1-3 doesn't work now:
When I load it I get:

[lueyb@pclueyb rpm]$ wmakerconf 
Backupfile `/home/lueyb//GNUstep/Defaults/WindowMaker.bak' generated.
no crontab for lueyb
no crontab for lueyb

** ERROR **: sigsegv caught
[lueyb@pclueyb rpm]$ 

3) wmclock disappeared (not on my harddrive -- I did the upgrade via rpms)

Any ideas?

Ben Luey
ICQ: 19144397

Eagles can soar, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines  -- Unknown