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Re: [TCLUG:3871] permission problem

Also regarding my permissions problem, Sandipan Panigrahi wrote:

> I checked and found that we were using the "automount" daemon to do
> this, which would automatically mount the user directories when
> the user logged in. 

I don't think I'm using the automount daemon at all. I simply have /home
set up in /etc/exports and the clients have thales:/home set up to be
NFS-mounted when the system boots. Am I missing something?

> How are you performing the automatic mounts ?  Does it make any
> difference to the behaviour if you leave it mounted all the time ?

I don't think I've changed anything since I installed RH 5.2. The previous
setup was RH 5.1. Ben Kochie helped me get that going last summer. I don't
recall if we used an automount daemon or not. Ben, do you remember?


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