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Re: [TCLUG:3871] permission problem

I checked and found that we were using the "automount" daemon to do
this, which would automatically mount the user directories when
the user logged in. 

The permissions on the mount directory had to be at least rwxr-xr-x.
The parent directory of the mount point also needed to have the "rx"
permissions turned on for at the group and owner. 

I am not sure that it will apply here or not but you could take a look.

How are you performing the automatic mounts ?  Does it make any
difference to the behaviour if you leave it mounted all the time ?

Also what if you remove the .bash_profile do you still get 
the same error message for the the .bash_login or the .profile 
file, since the bash will execute each script in that order if the
previous script was run successfully.

Can you execute the .bash_profile once you have logged in with
a . .bash_profile  or does it give the same error ?


Tim Wilson wrote:
> On Wed, 3 Feb 1999, Sandipan Panigrahi wrote:
> > Check the ownership and permissions of the local mount directories
> > on machines. We had a similar problem on a few AIX machines
> > at work some time ago and we discovered that it has to do
> > with the directory permissions of the client machines that the
> > remote directory was mounted on.
> Could you elaborate on this a little more. I'm not sure what the
> permissions *should* be. Thanks.
> -Tim
> --