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Re: [TCLUG:3909] Erasing Linux, going back to Windows

> On a related topic.  I currntly have Linux, NT workstation 4.0, Win 95 and
> dos/DesqView
> installed on my system.  I use NT's boot manager to boot everything but Linux
> (use a boot disk for that)
>    Anyway, I was toying with the notion of installing OS/2 on top of the whole
> shebang,
> nostalgia I guess...
>   Been so long since I messed with OS/2 I forget how worked out when I used it
> before
> as far as the Install went.  I do recall that it DID NOT hurt my current dos
> stuff.  Anyone know
> if it would chew up the NT boot loader or not?
> RS

I used to run OS/2 Warp 3 and, if I recall correctly, OS/2 creates a 2MB
boot partition.  The OS/2 boot loader is great.  I think you may have to begin
running everything from that.  Just point the OS/2 boot loader at NT's boot
loader, which in turn points to Win95 and dos, etc..  Maybe you'll even be able
to get OS/2 to boot Linux! hehe


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