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Re: [TCLUG:3909] Erasing Linux, going back to Windows

Christopher Palmer wrote:

> On Thu, 4 Feb 1999, Jelly Donut wrote:
> > Actually, I've had an install of Win95 go bad and hose every other
> > partition on the drive, including three Linux partitions and two BeOS
> > partitions. Not a fun evening.

On a related topic.  I currntly have Linux, NT workstation 4.0, Win 95 and
installed on my system.  I use NT's boot manager to boot everything but Linux
(use a boot disk for that)
   Anyway, I was toying with the notion of installing OS/2 on top of the whole
nostalgia I guess...
  Been so long since I messed with OS/2 I forget how worked out when I used it
as far as the Install went.  I do recall that it DID NOT hurt my current dos
stuff.  Anyone know
if it would chew up the NT boot loader or not?