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Re: [TCLUG:3871] permission problem

On Fri, 5 Feb 1999, Peter Lukas wrote:

> Okay, I think I see it now.  You'll want to export the directory using the
> "map_nis" option.  We're not using NIS/NIS+ here, but as I recall,
> "map_nis" enables uid/gid mapping similar to "no_root_squash" (kinda).
> You'll need to tell it your nis domain: 
> /home (rw,insecure,map_nis=mynis.domain)  #  Users' home directories
> This may not be enough, though.  You may need to tweak your yp.conf to
> reflect the changes.  I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya.

This didn't have any effect. I changed /etc/exports on the server as
suggested above, restarted rpc.nfsd, remounted /home on the client, but no
joy. I'm not sure what you mean by tweaking yp.conf. There's no man page
for it, and I already have it set to bind to my NIS server. There's no
indication of other options available.


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