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Re: [TCLUG:3932] fatal X error

> On Fri, 5 Feb 1999, Tim Wilson wrote:
> [snip run 'fsck']
> > This sounds like what I need to do. I'm afraid I haven't had to delve
> > this far into the innards of my filesystem before. (I suspect most
> > readers on the list haven't either.) How can I safely unmount the
> > filesystem and use these utilties? Do I need to run them off of a floppy
> > disk? I'm a complete newbie with this "down and dirty" sysadmin stuff.
> What you want to do is boot into single-user mode (give LILO the 'single'
> option at the prompt), and then I think it will not mount anything but /.
> If I'm wrong, just use 'umount <mount point>' to unmount the partition(s)
> in question. You may need /usr mounted to read the fsck man page, though.
> Then, when you've read what you need to, just go ahead and run 'fsck' on
> the partition(s) in question  with the proper options for your situation.
> Hopefully everything will be fine, but 'fsck' is invariably a scary
> experience. :^) Then just reboot normally.

But what if he has to fsck his / partition?  then even booting into single
user mode wouldn't work.  He would need  a boot disk with fsck on it.
What I suggest doing is download the redhat boot and rescue images, dd them
to disk and boot that way.  That is the only way I ever successfully fscked
a / partition.  In slackware it's a bit more difficult.  I had to reinstall...

> Good luck!
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