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/etc/printcap and nprint

Ok, I've given up on printtool setting up my netware printers for me, so I
though I'd set them up manually.

The following commands sucessful print to my netware printer:

nprint -S ETIENNE -q quenename

cat |nprint -S ETIENNE -q queuename -

My /etc/printcap is:


and /var/spool/lpd/write/ben is:

cat >/tmp/write.print.$$
nprint -S ETIENNE -q PUBLIC_WILLIS_LAB_LJ_4SI /tmp/write.print.$$
rm -f /tmp/write.print.$$

When I comment out the rm -f I notice that there are four
/tmp/write.print.XXXXX files, which means it is running the script 4

cat |lpr -Pwrite

does not do anything. Any ideas? I checked and the /tmp/write.print.$$ is
identical to the postscript file. Any ideas?



Ben Luey
ICQ: 19144397

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