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RE: [TCLUG:3955] Voicemail software?

I've been using kvoice (downloadable from the KDE site) for about a month
now, and it's working rather well. The voicemail part was really easy to set
up and get working. If your sound card is set up properly, and you know
which chipset you have on the modem (mine is also Rockwell, which it
automagically auto-detected), you can do it all in the GUI. It can
supposedly also answer data and fax calls, but I haven't messed with that

The only problem I've had is recording a greeting message. The modem uses a
proprietary sound file format. Supposedly, you can convert from a WAV file
format, but it specifically requires a WAV file that has been recorded at a
7200 Hz sampling rate. I've looked like crazy, and the lowest sampling rate
I can get out of any software I've tried (both Win95 and Linux) is 8000 Hz.
If you know of one that will do 7200, LET ME KNOW!

What I ended up doing was calling my number from a friend's phone, and
recording a message. Then I went to the /var/spool/voice directory and
"mv"'d my recording from the ./incomming directory to the ./messages
directory. Since the recording is done in the modem's proprietary file
format, it was also acceptible as the greeting.

Good luck, and if anyone finds a 7200Hz .wav recorder, tell me where to get


I'm interested in something along this line as well.  I have a Cardinal
Voice modem (Rockwell chipset - not a WinModem).

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From:	Chris Schumann []
Sent:	Friday, February 05, 1999 4:19 PM
Subject:	[TCLUG:3955] Voicemail software?

I've got a Sportster Voice modem that I'd like to connect to a Linux
machine. Do any of you know where I can find voice mail software that will
use a voice modem?

The modem only came with Win95 software. Glah.

Chris Schumann <>

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