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Re: [TCLUG:3978] Still ethernet probs, kinda...

> Ok... if I manually ifconfig eth0 to an IP address, the LINK light goes on
> and All Is Well.
> Problem is I need to use dhcp, which needs to access the network which
> doesn't exist since I haven't run dhcp yet.

Presumably, dhcp should automatically detect your Ethernet device and
configure the adapter..  You might have to run 'dhcpcd eth0', but it
_should_ work..

OTOH, you could try setting your Ethernet's IP to, say,,
then run dhcpcd, and hopefully that would cause eth0 to be re-configured
with the correct ip..

Also, I'm curious to know if you have your /etc/conf.modules file
correctly set up (assuming you're using a module for the card).  The
distribution you have could also be useful..

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