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At 10:19 AM 2/9/99 -0600, Vince wrote:
>Ouch!  How the heck did that happen?  fdisk /mbr should *not* have done it
>(it's never given me a problem and I have used it several times).

   Unknown. Linux has been reinstalled. For whatever reason, <now> I can
use kppp to dial out, but the suseppp scripts aren't functioning. (bug,
perhaps?). Next, pppd and the sample scripts should be reinstalled.
Strange, it worked after a previous installation. Now, I am reluctant to
compile the kernel 
for sound, since the last compile for ppp <failed miserably>. ppp <has> to
be in the kernel now, since kppp can dial out. No mention in the startup
messages as Linux boots, though.


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