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Re: [TCLUG:4036] LILO

I've seen that sometimes linux marks the win9x partition as not bootable, this
can be changed under linux fdisk and may solve your problem, have you looked
into this?


evan wrote:

>    fdisk /mbr didn't exactly work. Apparently, the Windows mbr is quite
> unforgiving to other operating systems. Not only did my Win95 partition get
> destroyed, the Linux partition wouldn't boot due to a damaged filesystem.
> Couldn't boot it, couldn't rescue it.
>    Repartitioned and formatted my HD. Linux is my primary OS now, LILO is
> in the mbr, but I messed up when I recompiled the kernel: now it won't
> boot. Shoulda kept a copy of my <original> boot disk. Win95 works fine,
> though.
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