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I'm curious if anyone on the list has used Bochs before (It's a PC
emulator..)  I kind of got interested in it after reading about the
VMWare system on Slashdot that supposedly lets you run multiple OSes on
the system at the same time..  I figured I'd try to get Bochs doing the
same thing (well, sorta..)

Supposedly, Bochs runs DOS, Linux, Minix, Windows (16bit and 32bit),
plus probably several other OSes..

Anyway, I can get it to boot a DOS boot disk image (I've actually tried
the install disks for Caldera DR-DOS Lite and FreeDOS..)  I haven't been
able to get DOS fdisk to recognize a disk image that I've (sort of)
created..  I managed it to say that the disk was a network drive once,
but that's it..

So, if anyone can give any pointers, I'd appreciate it..
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