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Re: [TCLUG:4011] InternetConnection

I've had relatively good luck with internal modems.  An external modem is
good because you can reboot it without rebooting the computer.  However I
don't like the clutter.  Also an internal modem is much cheaper.

Two things to consider:
- Watch out for winmodems.  You can't always tell if a modem is a winmodem
or not even by reading the manual.  Cheaper modems tend to be winmodems but
not always.
- I would try to get a PCI modem.  I don't know about other people's
experience but I've had numerous IRQ conflicts resulting from mixing PCI
and ISA devices.


>Would it be easier to configure a external modem or internal modem under
>linux? Or wouldnt it really matter....just wondering because Im thinking about
>geting a new modem and was just wondering if either one would be easier to
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