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Re: [TCLUG:4131] FW: Your Open Source Acid Test Article.

> It's going to be another 2-3 years before the next major release
> of Windows.  Microsoft themselves have grudgingly admitted this.
> (I'm not 100% sure how NT5 fits into this, but since NT5 is now
> Win2000, I think it's all the same deal.)

Of course, this may be changing..  I've heard that W2K may end up being
based around the old Win9x kernel.

> This adds up to 6+
> years between major releases of their OS....1995 to 2001+ (NOTE:
> my fact-checking software is currently broken, so please correct
> me if I'm wrong :).  How are they going to maintain their current
> marketshare gains when they're lagging so far behind in the
> technical spectrum?

See, this is my theory why Bill Gates doesn't give away much money --
he's always worried that Microsoft will get knocked down, it's stock
price will tumble, and he could end up broke..  Eek..  think of it --
all those people suddenly losing their stock options.  The Microsoft

> Well anyway, I think it'd be good advice to Mr. Lewis to hold off
> on any long-term trend analysis until after the impact of the
> anti-trust suit is clear.  Not to mention the 2.2 kernel, the
> GNOME desktop project, Redhat's 15 minutes of fame, and Mozilla.

If you always did that, then there would never be any long-term
analyses..  That's the fun part about it -- you don't know if you're
right or wrong until it happens.

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