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Mail failure

TO: Shetney, Erik S                                            DATE: 02/12/99
                                                               TIME: 23:18
SUBJECT: Mail failure

[001] Unable to deliver mail due to a missing mailbag.
Message was not delivered to
  fxledwid (GROUP1/GROUP1MAIL/fxledwid)

   From: Shetney, Erik S []
     To: ''
   Date: 1999-02-12 16:13
Subject:  RE: [TCLUG:4133] Soundcard IRQ Problem


> I'm afraid I don't know much about the Banshee..
	It uses the 3dfx chip-set.  I found a web page out there with some
unsupported documentation (  I was
hoping to get the "real" thing from the reseller or manufacturer, but I'll
take what I can get I guess.
> >         BTW, in RH 5.2 I can't get my control panel to open.  I get an
> error
> > about not able to reach depth of something like that.  Sound familiar to
> > anyone?
> Sounds like you're only running in 4-bit color (16 colors).  The RedHat
> control-panel uses  pixmaps that seem to require 256 colors.  Kind of a
> silly thing for them to do, really.  You should still be able to start
> the programs that get launched from control-panel from the command
> line..
	That explains a lot.  It's also probably why my desktop area (pardon
MS terms here) is much larger than the monitor's display.  It's like the
area is set to 800x600 and the monitor shows 640x480.

	Thanks for your help!  There's an install fest in March, right?


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