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the few problems left

I've got a few problems remaining, but basically my system is working. 

IPX / ncpfs

When I type slist I get 
slist: No server found in ncp_open
this used to work fine (as did ncpmout, but if slist doesn't work...)
This kernel has ipx build into the kernel (previous had it as a module),
so I don't think ipx is the problem. On startup I get

NET4: Linux IPX 0.38 for NET4.0
IPX Portions Copyright (c) 1995 Caldera, Inc.          

Any ideas?

x11amp doesn't work. It doesn't give any messages, but it refuses to play
any mp3s. (registers click on play button, but does nothing) - mp3studio
doesn't work either. I re-rpmed x11amp but it still fails. I had this
problem before my big problems, but I thought it was a conflict with a
program running. esd isn't running and I don't think anything is using my
soundcard. hmm..

Thanks for all your help!!!


Ben Luey
ICQ: 19144397

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