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Re: [TCLUG:4158] LCD screens

Well I don't exactly have a car, but I'm working with a friend building an mp3
player for his car (I've been bugging him since he got his car last summer to do
this).  He just bought a slot 1 board with a 300a running at 450, so he has a
spare p200 and board with 32 megs of ram.  We plan on either putting that in the
trunk, or bolting it under a seat.  However, I suggested screwing the board into
the glove compartment and putting fans above it for easy access.  Anyway, we're
going to have a soundcard (duh) which I want to plug right into an amp, but he
insists on a cassette adapter to his existing stereo.  Regardless, the thing is
going to be running linux.  He wants to use a harddrive, but I'm not sure how a
standard ide disk will take the shock?  So my idea was to use a floppy disk with
the whole root filesystem on it, and then a zip drive for mp3s.
    I want to make a script that will constantly poll the zip so that if it
successfully mounts, it runs the mp3 player, and if it doesn't it tries again.
This might even eliminate the need for a display if we use playlists on each zip
(it then becomes like swapping cassettes, or looks like 8-tracks for that
matter!).  Anyway, the ideal solution would be to somehow use a laptop disk (like
2-4 gigs), but I'm not sure how to adapt it to a reguler ide cable?  We then want
a touch pad glued to the dash, and one of those sharp lcd panels on the dash
aswell.  the plan would be to run x11amp, and use the playlist editor to select
songs (no need for a keyboard, just use the touch pad).
    I had another cool idea though, I need to get one of those lcd panels for use
on overhead machines, and mount it right into the dash with a light behind it.
We can then have a heads-up display on the windshield!
just some ideas, everythings still in planning right now.

serge wrote:

> I found some at
> I might get a couple of their 9.4" and the backlit 6.3" ones.
> They are priced at $60 each but I am still searching for an
> lcd controller that can drive them.
> I want to try and build a "PDA" that runs linux.
> For the processor I am looking at the ARMs and mips.
> Both do not cosume much power and linux runs
> on either.
> I am a little short of ideas and am still struggling with
> all the electronic stuff. Power consumption, interfaces
> batteries and stuff like that. For now I think I will just
> use a battery adapter and work out the power supply details
> later, but I have a long way to go.
> I would like a plug and play system and maby have the complete
> system "Open Sourced" like the mp3car !
> Anybody else interested in working on this ? I have a bit
> of time and some money that I can spend on this but need
> help with the hardware.
> Serge, let me know how your project is going.
> --
> Thanks,
> sandipan
> Serge M. Egelman wrote:
> >
> > I'm looking for those too.  Car mp3 player!!  I did see one made by sharp
> > that does 320x200 and goes for $100.  I think it was off of, but
> > I don't remember the link off the top of my head.  May I ask what you are
> > using it for?
> >
> > serge
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