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Re: mp3, car audio

Hi, has a product which is a flash
disk with an IDE interface which you could use for the kernel.
They have it in sizes > 4MB. I have to find out how much 
these things cost but that could be decent alternative to
the floppy drive. (no mechanical parts at all) But then again, 
with a floppy it is easier to get a new kernel installed and is so much
more cheaper.

I like the idea of using a zip disk and using it as a like
a CD player except for I am not sure how shock resistant
those are.  Also with some drives it is possible to know
when there is a disk been loaded into the drive. I can look
up the details and it might need a modified driver. You chould
use that to start up the mp3 player instead of having to poll
all the time. 

You could consider laptop hard drives for the data.
Those should handle shocks better.

Let me know if I can lend a hand. I do not know much
about hardware but I like to tinker..

I still have not got any success with locating a low power
board that I can use for a hand held device. Most of the
single board computers, which don't cost an arm and a leg
to buy, that I have looked at seem to need  as much power 
as a normal one !  I hope I do not have to thinking about
build my own, in which case I would be sunk !

Serge M. Egelman wrote:
> Well I don't exactly have a car, but I'm working with a friend building an mp3
> player for his car (I've been bugging him since he got his car last summer to do
> this).  He just bought a slot 1 board with a 300a running at 450, so he has a
> spare p200 and board with 32 megs of ram.  We plan on either putting that in the
> trunk, or bolting it under a seat.  However, I suggested screwing the board into
> the glove compartment and putting fans above it for easy access.  Anyway, we're
> going to have a soundcard (duh) which I want to plug right into an amp, but he
> insists on a cassette adapter to his existing stereo.  Regardless, the thing is
> going to be running linux.  He wants to use a harddrive, but I'm not