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Re: [TCLUG:4147] DNS

Quoting Serge M. Egelman (
> my resolv.conf:
> --------------------
> search
> nameserver
> --------------------

Is your host IP not static? should work, but a typical setup is the host IP of the DNS

You also want to add the domain directive to your /etc/resolv.conf
like this:


The additional namserver directives are slave servers incase the
master ( fails.

> my hosts:
> ---------------
>    localhost
> c3p0
> r2d2
> almighty-bob
> ----------------------

Woah. I must have missed a thread. Are you trying to setup a DNS
server for a private IP network aka serving up IP address for networks?

> how do I set up a zone for my cache (I might have, but am not sure)?

What does your /etc/named.conf look like?

FYI, if you are trying to setup a root name server for your private IP
addresses, then we are in for a long talk :-)

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