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Re: [TCLUG:4167] DIALD & IP Forwarding

Thanks, I will try that. However I think that I was having problems with
that before because on every DNS request, even on the local network, it
would dial out to the internet.


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From: John J. Trammell <>
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Date: Monday, February 15, 1999 10:22 AM
Subject: Re: [TCLUG:4167] DIALD & IP Forwarding

>Hello all:
>Scott K. Johnson <> wrote (in part):
>> My experience with IP Forwarding and dial on demand is that the
>> first request triggers the modem to dial and connect, and that
>> first connection request almost always times out.
>> I'm thinking it is something to do with the time it takes for the
>> modem to dial, connect and establish a ppp connection...
>That it may, but it doesn't have to.  :-)
>IANANetworkAdmin, but my understanding is that if the "triggering"
>request is a name resolution request (for your non-static IP account),
>everything can be OK.
>If the triggering request is, say, an FTP request, the first packet
>goes out with your default (bogus) system IP address.  The resulting
>PPP (or whatever) connection clobbers your bogus default IP address,
>so the response to that first packet can't get back to your machine,
>because its address is different.
>IIRC, the solution is to empty out your /etc/hosts so that the first
>packet out the door is a DNS request.
>ISTR that a better explanation (written by One Who Knows) is in the
>Diald FAQ.
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