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Linux dialup from Windows

Does anyone know of a good way to trigger a dial-up on a Linux
box, from a windows box?  I'm looking at a two-machine home
network, one running Windows, and one running Linux.  If
possible, I'd like to get away with only one modem connection. 
However, we only have one phone line, so an on-demand diald-type
solution would be more annoying than it's worth.  I don't want to
cut in on personal phone calls everytime I bring up netscape.

I'm running RH5.2.  Usernet works fine -- if you're in Linux. 
But doesn't work in Windows.  I suppose worst case, I could call
it from an X-Server in windows.  However, it'd be a lot more
convenient if I could run something directly in windows to
trigger the connect in Linux.  Am I dreaming?  Any ideas?