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IP Masquerading - Web Site Connection Timeouts

First, let me say thanks to everybody who helped me with my DIALD problem. I
really appreciate it.

Ok now, here is a good one. I have been searching on DEJANEWS for days with
no luck. On my client machines, accessing a web site like (and
I suspect others as well), the linux box will find the web site but then
that's it, the web browser says that it is opening the page but nothing
happens and eventually a timeout occurs. I think that I have traced it to
the MTU setting of my Serial Line (external modem, USR Courier
V.Everything). For some reason the MTU is locked at 1006!!! If I set it
higher, like 1500, my message log tells me that the provider is adjusting to
1006 and that I should change my setting in DIALD to reflect this. My
provider is VISI.COM and it states that they do use an MTU of 1500. So, this
makes me suspicious of the serial line configuration. Doing an ifconfig, the
sl0 portion shows that the mtu is 1006 ALL OF THE TIME. Can this be changed?
Is there a BIOS setting for this? Has anybody had similar experiences???

Any help out there...thanks.


BTW, this wouldn't be such a problem except that I am in a fantasy hockey
league on the espn site, and i really need to change my lines. luck would
have it that it is that site that i can't connect to. fate!