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Re: [TCLUG:4242] Quick Reference

> I was thinking of setting up a Linux quick Reference page myself.  So I'm
> interested in this.  If anyone is interested in putting up a page like this
> (or anything else Linux related) at a short easy to remember URL I own the
> domain and I have a meg or two I'm not going to be using.  So this
> could be or something.

Well, I decided to start working on one of my own..  you can see it at

I'm working on the section for different commands right now.  I use
tables to make it display a bit cleaner in Netscape, and they actually
manage to look fairly decent in Lynx (whew! ;-)  Once I'm satisfied with
what I have on that page, I think I'll create a reference for compiling,
plus another page of tips that I know of (such as using 'alias' to get
'ls' to print out the directory listing in color ;-)

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