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Re: [TCLUG:4242] Quick Reference

I love O'Reilly as much as everyone else and I do have this book but I
don't totally see the advantage of having a book that's basically just a
printout of the man pages.  Well OK once in awhile they give an example of
a command but usually they just say Command -a -b -c -d -e -f... 

I was thinking of setting up a Linux quick Reference page myself.  So I'm
interested in this.  If anyone is interested in putting up a page like this
(or anything else Linux related) at a short easy to remember URL I own the
domain and I have a meg or two I'm not going to be using.  So this
could be or something.

>On Fri, 19 Feb 1999, Michael Hicks wrote:
>> I'm curious if anyone knows if there is a "Linux Quick-Reference"
>> anywhere out there on the web..  There are a lot of people learning
>> Linux that don't necessarily want to go look up the exact syntax of
>> 'mount' whenever they use it, especially since resources like 'man'
>> pages can often contain way _too much_ info to be terribly useful. 
>> People end up wasting time looking through a lot of useless information
>> to find the few bits that are important..
>> What I'm looking for would have simple syntaxes for various commands
>> used everyday..  ls, rm, mount, more, less, grep, ps, and things like
>> that..
>> Just curious if anyone has a favorite site they've found or anything.. 
>> Otherwise, I'll probably just make one myself ;-)
>Linux in a Nutshell is a nice book that fills that need, but it probably
>has much more detail than you are wishing for.  Still, it's handy to have
>at your side when you need it.  
>Published by O'Reilly, of course. Not that I'm biased or anything, just
>that O'Reilly sent three of them for FREE to SCALUG to give away.  Funny,
>I think only two found their way to being door prizes... 
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