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Apache; httpd.conf, virtual host and ...

My business sells band products over the internet.
I've built a web that uses a frame set to trap my customer pages. I've
included the virtual host entries for the (my business)
and (one of my customers).

I have three questions:

1. What directive would I use to tell to open in the frameset? That is the frame in which it would open if
a client browser requested the document from within the
web by selecting an <a href...> link. I guess the other half of this
issue is I need to release a client browser when they request a document
which isn't part of the web.

2. Because I'll have customers that don't have a FQDN I need to open
their pages from their home directories, "".
Where "~bandname" is the user account name which refers to a set of
documents that the respective band has rwx access to which is the
typical ISP scenario.  I've currently got a link from
| Bandz | DaBigNevaWas which when selected results in "Not Found The
requested URL /~dabign was not found on this server." Is this simply a
matter of including the path to the document or is "~" a referring
character that I can use?

3. Is DocumentRoot the users home directory and the subdirectories
leading to the html documents? As I ask this question it seems painfully
obvious that it is. Oh well, such are the woes of learning.


    DocumentRoot /home/mi-r/www/html
    #DocumentRoot /www/domain
    ErrorLog logs/
    TransferLog logs/

    DocumentRoot /home/kronk/www/html
    #DocumentRoot /www/otherdomain
    ErrorLog logs/
    TransferLog logs/

I hope my questions are stated clearly enough to be understood. If not,
please request that I clarify.

Thanks in advance

ron parker