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Re: [TCLUG:4274] Apache; httpd.conf, virtual host and ...

1. When you are defining frames give each frame a name.
<FRAMESET .... >
<FRAME NAME="index_frame" SRC="index.html"....> 
<FRAME NAME="body_frame" SRC="body.html" .....>

then when you have links you can specify the "TARGET" field to
make it go to a particular frame. e.g. in index.html if you
want to load you can do a 
<A HREF="" TARGET="body_frame"> to make it
load in the "body" frame that you created.

The TARGET will also take other values such as TARGET="blank"
which will create a new blank window and load it up.

"self" will load it in the frame that the href is on.
"parent" will load it to the parent.
"top" will load it on the complete window.

2. The way I use the ~user field is by setting the
	"UserDir" parameter in 
   to a directory "www" and then creating a directory called "www" 
   under each users home directory which becomes the document 
   root dir for that user.

Hope this helps.
rtp wrote:
> My business sells band products over the internet.
> I've built a web that uses a frame set to trap my customer pages. I've
> included the virtual host entries for the (my business)
> and (one of my customers).
> I have three questions:
> 1. What directive would I use to tell to open in the
> frameset? That is the frame in which it would open if
> a client browser requested the document from within the
> web by selecting an <a href...> link. I guess the other half of this
> issue is I need to release a client browser when they request a document
> which isn't part of the web.
> 2. Because I'll have customers that don't have a FQDN I need to open
> their pages from their home directories, "".
> Where "~bandname" is the user account name which refers to a set of
> documents that the respective band has rwx access to which is the
> typical ISP scenario.  I've currently got a link from
> | Bandz | DaBigNevaWas which when selected results in "Not Found The
> requested URL /~dabign was not found on this server." Is this simply a
> matter of including the path to the document or is "~" a referring
> character that I can use?
> 3. Is DocumentRoot the users home directory and the subdirectories
> leading to the html documents? As I ask this question it seems painfully
> obvious that it is. Oh well, such are the woes of learning.
> NameVirtualHost
>     <VirtualHost>
>     ServerAdmin
>     ServerName
>     DocumentRoot /home/mi-r/www/html
>     #DocumentRoot /www/domain
>     ErrorLog logs/
>     TransferLog logs/
>     </VirtualHost>
>     <VirtualHost>
>     ServerAdmin
>     ServerName
>     DocumentRoot /home/kronk/www/html
>     #DocumentRoot /www/otherdomain
>     ErrorLog logs/
>     TransferLog logs/
>     </VirtualHost>
> I hope my questions are stated clearly enough to be understood. If not,
> please request that I clarify.
> Thanks in advance
> ron parker
> 374-2578
> ~
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